Saturday, July 24, 2010


Over on Pioneer Woman Photography, she's having a "water" themed photo contest. Judging from the selections she's already made, there's no way I'll ever make the cut. Seriously, check out those photos. Breathtaking! But who needs her recognition? I have my own blog! So I'd like to share with you some of my favorite water shots from my barely-works point and shoot camera:

Kate always has loved bathtime

Baker just baptized

Wet footprints on hot concrete, two seconds later they've evaporated

This picture captures motherhood for me. My children are holding up treasures for me to see: shells, drawings, projects, questions, dreams, heart-fears. Mothering well means not brushing aside these things, but taking time to really see what the child is holding and responding with love. I try to create a relationship with my children where they won't ever think I don't care about what they care about, find important, or have to say. Anyway, I love this picture.

And my all-time favorite water picture:

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