Friday, July 16, 2010

Totally Random Tip

If you love Indian food like I do, and I LOOOOOOVE Indian food, then I have something to share with you. There is a company named "Kitchens of India" that makes the best prepackaged Indian food. Ever. I am very picky about the way my Indian food tastes, and frankly, I've never liked any of the stuff I've been able to find in the grocery store to make at home, until I discovered these packets one day in my stepmom's pantry! (Sally, I'll be eternally grateful for introducing us!) She had been able to find it at Super Target, but they no longer carry it.

Here in Savannah you can find this stuff at only two places (that I'm aware of yet; I keep my eyes open every time I'm shopping). Brighter Day health food store carries the bigger pouches you see in the photo, for around $3 each. They are awesome alone or with protein mixed in, and really spicy. BUT, I just discovered to my absolute delight that Food Lion on Eisenhower has the whole line from Kitchens of India!!! And, they are cheaper than I've ever seen them! I was beaming in the ethnic foods aisle, y'all. The best thing I ever tasted is the butter curry chicken sauce pouch in the photo. It tastes just like it was prepared by a restaurant. Yummmmm. Perfect seasoning.

Well, I wish you luck finding this stuff in your town. Make sure you pick up some Basmati rice and Naan bread to go with it; it makes a huge difference in authenticity!


P.S. I will try to make my next post about something other than food or Kate. No promises, though!


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  2. Hey I don't mind Food or Kate. I want the ranch recipe though. Looks yummy

  3. Lisa, the Ranch recipe is very good! Here is her post!

    Thanks for stopping by; you've given me the idea that when available on her site, I should always link to the recipe in my post. Have a great day!


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