Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pioneer Woman Cooks Reviews #6 and 7: Chicken Spaghetti and Angel Sugar Cookies

Last week when my in-laws were visiting I needed to cook something that a) pretty much everyone would like, b) would fill some big eaters up, and c) wouldn't cost every last dollar in the bank account. So I flipped through the cookbook and found Chicken Spaghetti. I had everything needed for this recipe except for the pimentos, and since one 4-oz. jar of pimentos is under two bucks, this was it! Ingredients (minus chicken):

Here it is finished:

I would say that this is a non-offensive, bland casserole. Don't expect a flavor explosion. If you make it, ADD SOMETHING, like hot sauce or olives or just more cayenne pepper. Another thing about this is that it is a lot of food! The recipe said it serves eight, but mine had 14-16 servings in it, easily. So you'll be eating this for a few days. Hope ya like it!
4 for easy
4 for time required
2 for consistency with cookbook (she says it tastes great)
2 for taste
Overall: 3 out of 5, mainly because it was easy, not for taste or aesthetic appeal.

Now for the Angel Sugar Cookies:
I took a ingredients pic, but once they were finished I had lost all excitement about this recipe so I did not remember to take an after shot. So sorry! But let me just tell you... these were nothing special either. Very bland and floury. I won't be making these again. Ho-hum. So far I am not impressed with PW's cookie-making ability!
Take a quick look at the ingredients and you'll notice two sticks of butter and a whole cup of oil too! Ugh. It's just too much.
3 for easy
3 for time required
2 for consistency with the cookbook
1 for taste
Overall: 2.25 out of 5 (Save your butter for a better use, people!)

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  1. Hi there! I have yet to try either of these... I am not sure how my family will go for the pasta at all, but hope they like the cookies. Here they're a big treat, so maybe mine will be more excited. :)


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