Thursday, July 02, 2009

Her Angel Was Watching

Kate was in the hall, waiting for me to finish gathering up my things to go to the park yesterday. I was in the kitchen and I heard this CRASH!

I ran to the hall and saw this. The swing had been folded up and leaned against the wall. Somehow though, it fell over and crashed down around my baby. Although she was IN the swing, it didn't even touch her. She was happily just playing with the toys on the swing when I got to her. She was sitting in the exact perfect spot in the hall where the swing would completely miss her! I'm sure an angel had something to do with this.

The boys and Ben and I just sat, stunned and smiling for a moment. Then Ben told me to take a picture.

I'm so glad he did. It helps me to remember that God is always there, always watching out for us.

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