Monday, February 18, 2008

More Than Enough

301. the still surface of the pond reflecting the clouds, sun, sky...

302. hours-long conversation with Helaine, someone who really loves our Jesus, a new sister and friend

303. home-baked breads and homemade blueberry jam tied up with ribbons for me

304. Taste and See by John Piper, my new daily read

305. Rain!

306. My baby Jacob, and his love for me, "It's nice to be here with you, Mommy; I like you. I'm happy here." as he snuggles close for a book.

307. Jesus setting me free from my sin, and raising me to new life!

308. His Love that endures forever...

309. a hot cup of Chamomile tea with honey

310. a patient husband

311. encouraging words from across-the-miles friend

312. Being able to talk to the King of Kings on behalf of others! Wonder of wonders!

313. Christ's always uplifting words: Do Not Worry. About Anything.

314. lavender

315. watching seeds turn into plants that turn toward the sun and grow and even produce fruit which we can eat and give us energy! Amazing!

316. Family prayers offered at bedtime.

317. Starting a new read-aloud instead of watching tv: The Call of the Wild

318. Sharing a work of God in my life with someone and it being just what they needed to hear

319. God speaking through my child's words to rebuke and teach me

320. The Holy Spirit's joy everyday

321. That everything in Jesus is available to me

322. "Ask and you shall receive..."

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