Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm With Him

From Ann at Holy Experience: (my words follow)

She stands at the back door, her one sock molting off, boots still in hand. I catch her eye.

“Where are you going?”

The older children have piled into the van with coats and boots and spilling anticipation. But does this little one know the destination?

She crosses her knees, toes curling. Her eyes linger, searching.

Then eyes flash with the knowing. Little voice chirps, “I’m going with him.”

Pudgy finger points and deep blue eyes follow up to Big Dutch Daddy. Big Dutch Daddy grins down into this slip of a girl. Chuckling, I test again.

“And where is he going?”

A sun coming out from behind the clouds, her smile peeks. Slowly, the answer comes too. The only one that matters.

“He’s coming with me.”

Is this why the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these trusting ones?

Lord,why fear what is up ahead? What if I happily trusted? I am going with You, and You are coming with me.

Me: This is the simplest yet hardest thing to do. To give up all "control" and just go where He goes, safe in the fact that He is with you, and He knows where to go. What freedom! I wonder how to do this everyday? Is it up to me or Him to give it to me? How do I get and hold on to this trust? Is it enough that I really want it?

The Lord will teach me.

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