Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Book on Mothering

shall be titled:

"I Love You; What's For Breakfast?"

Thanks to Noah for the idea.


  1. hello there,

    my name is jane, and i came across your blog the other day. i normally don't write strangers but i felt compelled to tell you how blessed i was after reading your post on thankfulness to god. i had just read those EXACT verses from psalm 50: 14, 23. for some reason i decided to google those verses, and my search led me to your blog! i'm so encouraged that i thought i'd start my own 1,000 things i'm thankful for, and the first thing will be YOU! :)

    thank you for being a light to other fellow moms!

    keep on keeping on -

  2. hi trish,

    thanks for the link to ann's blog. can i just say, WOW! oh my goodness, what a blessing she is too! thank you for leading me there. i'm just floored at how god works sometimes. :) he is awesome!

    have a great day!

  3. Here via CWO. What a fantastic name for a book!! :) Love your space!


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