Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Psalm

I give praise to God, for He is good.
I thank him for His faithfulness.
Surely He has heard my prayers and directed my steps.
He has forgiven my sins because I have not hid them from Him.
I asked Him to search me and know me, and reveal any wickedness.
And He has dwelt kindly with me!
I am amazed at his long-suffering and lovingkindness.
He disciplines those He loves. I am grateful for his discipline.
He never leaves me; He is my shelter when I am weak.
He is ever-present. He fulfills all my needs.
He is a wonderful teacher, full of never-ending grace.

When I am frightened by strangers who seek to do me harm, I lean on You.
You build my trust and strengthen me!
When my heart is wounded by a friend who points out my weaknesses, You are the only One who understands.
You pour your love over me and show me the way of truth. Your judgements are holy!
What can a man do to me? I run to you, Father. You are the Gentle One I can trust.

Do You change when calamity surrounds me?
Are You different because I'm afraid?
No, You are the same always. I call upon You.
You are still sovereign, and all-powerful, and steadfast, and good. My heart rejoices in my Lord who sustains me, and I will not be shaken.

One thing I know, that God is for me.
He is near me, and He is all that matters.

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