Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Happy Place

God is so much more than someone we thank at the end of a good day, or plead with when faced with trouble. I know He is more. And even though I don't experience that "more" relationship with Him every day, I carry this feeling around in my heart of His love, His friendship deep in my soul like a distant memory. In this memory I am so very close to Him and everything is warm, and happy, and safe. It is a sweet, sweet place. I long to live there all the time. That is where Truth is; it is real life and I know that God wants me there even more than I want to be.

I get to experience a glimpse of that Truth and Life in my quiet time-- time I get to spend just God and me, with no distractions, everyday. I look forward to these "times of refreshing" because it's when I get to share secrets with God, and I love to retreat into the reality of the unseen. Spending time with God makes every day better and helps me to be more loving and giving to the people in my life. In fact, human relationships are kind of like my measuring stick, letting me know how closely I am walking with God.

No matter what stuff the day brings that I have to deal with, remembering that "happy place" with God always fills my heart with hope and purpose. I could not live without His presence within me.

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