Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Trip to Mobile

The kids and I just got back from a week-long trip to Mobile. We drove the 6 hours to Bham first, spent the night with Grandma McKay, then drove the 4 hours to Mobile. I just have to brag for a minute-- my kids are amazing! I am so very proud of how they behaved in the car for me. No complaining, no fighting, none of the road-trip squabbles. It was actually a pleasant drive with my three sons ages 6, 4, and 2. This is very exciting for me because it means I can do it more often. Of course, it helps that they are all boys because a potty break consists of pulling over on the freeway and letting them pee out the side door! (heeheehee)

We really had a wonderful time in Mobile. The boys got to play outside a lot (when it wasn't raining) and they got to stick to there normal routine for the most part. Meanwhile, I got to see my best friend (this year makes 20 years of friendship) and even spend the night with her! I got to go to a movie with her too. I got to take the kids and visit an old friend from Bham who moved to Mobile (she has 3 kids). I forgot how much I missed them! Then on Friday, Grandma Miller and I took the boys to New Orleans for the Children's Museum there. We met another old friend (with 3 kids, too!) there and had a busy, fun-filled day! Saturday we left Mobile for Bham loaded up with a rug, an armoire, and a canoe on top! While in Bham I got to attend the Vineyard Church theat we used to go to. Sunday we came home to a clean house (thanks, baby!) and a very excited Ben. He missed us terribly.

One shocker happened on Friday night after I told the boys that we had to leave in the morning to go home. Noah, who has always been a home-body, started crying and said he didn't want to leave! He wanted to stay there longer. He's always been ready to go home after only two days away. Also, Baker said one week wasn't enough, either; he wanted to stay for a month! They must have had a very good time and felt quite "at home."

I would like to thank Dad and Sally for being so welcoming and understanding of our gang, for loving the boys like you do, and for the memories. We'll definitely be coming back!

Thanks Joyce, too, for your hospitality. We'll see you again soon.

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