Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Noah's 4th Birthday

Noah's birthday turned out to be wonderful.
The weather was beautiful- 68 degrees and sunny! When we woke up, Noah opened some presents (five new cars from the movie "Cars"-he's collecting). Then we had school, as usual. But after that, I got the boys in the van, picked up some Happy Meals, and headed out to the beach to enjoy the beautiful day. We drove to the end of the island and walked out over the dunes where there were dozens of seagulls resting. Baker started chasing the birds away screaming, "Fly South!" I thought it was funny. Then Noah got into some sandspurs. They were all over him, but I managed to keep him still while I picked about thirty of them off his clothes. Ouch! Now he knows not to play in the dunes.
We took a walk around the end of the island and back up toward the pier, and Noah and Baker raced. We saw some big trees that had washed up and walked on them like balance beams. The boys took turns hiding a toy car in the sand and the others had to find it. It was so nice. I love my children so much. I love enjoying nature with them. It is so much better than sitting around the tv or computer. There's just something serene about the wide open spaces and fresh air of the seashore.
We went home for a nap, then went to cubscouts that night. On the way home, I got the boys an ice cream cone. Noah was treated very special and I believe he had a great day. I sure did!

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