Sunday, December 31, 2006

100 Reasons Why We Love Ben

1. He knows God.
2. He tries to be like Jesus.
3. He keeps religion simple.
4. He would rather give to someone who needs than get for himself.
5. He is passionate about truth.
6. He is utterly loyal.
7. He never desires accolades.
8. He loves me to death.
9. He always keeps his promises.
10. He's a horrible liar.
11. He can fix cars.
12. He can fix computers.
13. He could build a house by himself.
14. He could put wiring in that house.
15. He could plumb that house.
16. That house would be the most beautiful, interesting house you ever saw.
17. He makes incredible, smart, strong kids.
18. He loves those kids more than anything.
19. He doesn't let his children act like idiots.
20. He lets them develop their interests, not his.
21. He wrestles with them even when he's really tired.
22. He gets up and goes to work every day.
23. He is a hard worker who does his best, even when it's not noticed or appreciated.
24. He lives to serve others; he's always looking for ways to help.
25. He can go without sleep if he needs to.
26. He's really, really strong physically.
27. He's very confident without having to find ways to prove it.
28. He lets me do whatever I want unless it's something that really matters to him, then
29. He leads our family in the right direction.
30. He's manly but not macho.
31. He never lets me get away with crap.
32. He's a great thinker.
33. He likes to play games.
34. He likes to go to movies.
35. He'll try anything once.
36. He likes all different kinds of movies.
37. He appreciates and gets into all types of music.
38. He likes going to concerts.
39. He likes musicals and plays.
40. He can solve any puzzle.
41. He can sing.
42. He's learning to play guitar.
43. He has rhythm.
44. He dances with me in the kitchen.
45. He twirls me around.
46. He's good at basketball.
47. He has an amazing memory.
48. He loves adventures.
49. He trusts God.
50. He wanders around the city just to see new streets.
51. There is no country he doesn't want to visit/live in.
52. He loves the beach.
53. He loves boats.
54. He loves the woods.
55. He loves the mountains.
56. He hardly ever complains.
57. He appreciates what he's got.
58. He's polite.
59. He treats every person he meets with dignity.

From Baker:
60. He protects us.
61. He's a good father.
62. He wrestles with us.
63. He works for us.
64. He loves us.
65. He's very kind.

From Noah:
66. I love wrestling with him.
67. I love playing with him.
68. I just love him very, very much.

Back to me:
69. He has a kind smile.
70. He has a perfect nose.
71. He has a great sense of humor.
72. His laugh is hilarious.
73. He's never a snob, ever.
74. He loves diversity.
75. He hates bigotry.
76. He's a great listener.
77. He's the best advice-giver, always encouraging people to simplify.
78. His is faith never shaken.
79. He respects women.
80. He doesn't snore.
81. He loves the rain.
82. He doesn't have to have nice things to compete with others.
83. He's never jealous.
84. He doesn't care what you think about him.
85. He appreciates the finer things in life, but would be perfectly happy with nothing.
86. He wants to better himself.
87. He never lets fear in.
88. He gives great bear hugs.
89. He doesn't take offense/isn’t sensitive.
90. He's a great driver.
91. He supports me/believes in homeschooling the children.
92. He supports me in any endeavor I say I want to try.
93. He's excellent at math.
94. He gets excited when one of the kids does something for the first time.
95. He has dreams.
96. He loves public radio, public television, and the History channel.
97. He cleans the toilets.
98. He'll eat anything I make and say it's good.
99. He’s not offensive and doesn’t start trouble.
100. Everyone always likes him.

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  1. From his mother-in-law:
    He loves my daughter to death.
    He treats her with respect and love.
    He fixes things in my house without being asked-and without compliant.
    He's cute!
    He loves my grandsons and is raising them to be men of God.
    He's smart.
    He doesn't mind traveling so that I can see my daughter and grandsons.
    He teaches the kids manners.
    He makes sure the boys respect and obey their mother.
    He fits in wherever he is.
    He likes things that aren't "usual".
    He has dreams.


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