Thursday, January 05, 2012

From the Gratitude Journal Last Fall

Let's play catch up with my list, then I'll start my 2012 list.

559. the cooler fall-is-coming weather
560. my Pumpkin Spice latte
561. a 4-kid pile up hug
562. being able to help a friend by making dinner for their family
563. and taking her kids to the park
564. being able to homeschool
565. for different cultures around the world.
566. for the Lake District in England,
567. for the mountains in Switzerland,
568. for the green hills in Ireland,
569. and the tulip fields in the Netherlands
570. for his job
571. Can I say my kids again? I'm just overwhelmed with love for them!!
572. for my husband's faithfulness to his family
573. for his frequent, "Hello, Beautiful."
574. for leftover wedding flowers given to me by neighbor Glen,
575. and leftover cupcakes given by neighbor Carli
576. for uncontrollable laughter in public with best friends (Sarah and Devin at Churchill's)
577. for that feeling you get when you meet someone new and instantly have a connection
578. for God's patience with me
579. for all these special moments with my children lately. Ben may be working every day and late into the night, but it has given me time to just be with them.
580. for Rosh Hashana, thrown together and enjoyed. The apples dipped in honey reminding us that life with God is sweet.
581. for long talks on the phone with kids are blessed.
582. for a gala at the museum Ben built, and the smiles of his coworkers about a job well done, walking the halls arm in arm, glowing.
583. Ben's pride in hard work's fruit.
584. For fancy shoes, clutch, bracelet and earrings
585. Gold nail polish- a manicure!
586. for a low-key Christmas, no stress, gifts all around, and World Vision catalogs.

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