Monday, November 28, 2011

Scenes from November

We had looked forward to the party on November 19th for a while. It was at Norwood Stables, and there would be horse rides and a petting zoo. Also, I had received some super cool horse-riding boots for Kate and knew just what she would wear to the stables. I couldn't wait to see Kate's face when she saw a real horse for the first time! This is what I got:After a while (like 30 minutes), Kate warmed up to the goats. They were more her size, and it helped that we could enter the paddock and sit on benches to get acquainted with them. When I gave Kate a brush, there was no turning back. She had found her joy. Funny thing: One of the goats hopped up on the bench with me and was so sweet, just sniffing and nuzzling my ear... Then, OUCH! That goat took the earring right out of my ear and spit it out on my lap! What the heck? Well, in an efffort not to scare Kate I just nonchalantly put the earring back in my ear and went on petting that goat and talking to Kate. It wasn't until later when I was telling someone what happened that I first wondered, "Maybe I shouldn't have put the goat-saliva covered jewelry back in so fast? Do goats carry diseases?" I had a good laugh about that one. I'm pretty sure that petting zoo goats are up on all their shots. So far, no weird symptoms. Okay, on to Thanksgiving! My mom and I went shopping NOT for Kate, and ended up pretty much just buying her clothes. We found this amazing purple number at my favorite store, Crazy 8. The hat is from babyGap.
We had a fried turkey for the first time this year, provided by Ben's dad: 
 And of course we had a rosemary-olive oil roasted turkey made by me.
Which do you prefer? Roasted or fried? I really liked them both.

Well, now I'd like to leave you with one final disconcerting image: