Monday, July 11, 2011

So Much Grace

I have been keeping a gratitude journal on my table for a few months now, scratching down a few things here and there, so not all of my 1000 things have been posted to this blog yet. I'm going to write them here now, pieces of my story since February.

#507-555 of the 1000 gifts list:

her wispy bangs

her button nose

her profile

counting little piggies

his spontaneous pre-dawn proclamation of love for me-"You're everything that's right about my life."

feeling healthy after a hard week

"One Thousand Gifts" by Anne Voskamp

Mother Theresa quotes

sliding toes into bedsheets

supermarket sushi

writer's group on Wednesday

Jacob's "Don't leave, don't leave" at bedtime

next door Yo-Ann

brothers wanting their turn to watch Kate at Monkey Joe's

finding a huge section of Dora books at Barnes and Noble with Kate

Kent Moore always willing to take the boys to play

read aloud book about the first Ferris wheel

our character studies and Bible memorization

hot water for a nightly bath-what a luxury!

my washer and dryer

making pretty Valentines for friends

an available sitter on Valentine's Day

laughter at OddLot, improv group

music that the kids and I danced to and made us happy house cleaners! Joy!

a walk hand-in-hand with Kate on a beautiful spring day to the health food store

neighbors walking up to say "hi"

a freshly-painted white porch rail

friends to grieve with

that Vivan is in heaven with Jesus

that even when things don't seem to make sense, Peace is a Person and we can know Him

victory over death in Jesus
a ride to Jacksonville with Carla for Vivan's funeral

a friend's "I forgive you," easily spoken

another friend coming over just because she heard I was having a bad day...Sarah's a true friend

quiet time at home group

books that make us have to put them down and go explore nature right now! (Miracles on Maple Hill)

a nature walk with four healthy children- too much grace!

discovering tiny, tiny frogs in the pond- hundreds of them everywhere!

small group prayers for soon-to-deploy soldier- such courage!

Kate's "Read it again, Mommy!"

Ben hugs at lunchtime- a welcome interruption

to find Noah reading- reading!- a chapter book just because he wanted to

family laughter during game night- Apples to Apples

all of my boys obedient, truly. I can trust them.

Baker growing up and becoming such a mature, responsible, helpful, respectful, trustworthy, fun young man

forgiveness from children to parents who sometimes get overwhelmed

hardworking husband

Oh! My end-of-the-schoolyear flowers! Surprised by gratitude!

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