Saturday, June 25, 2011

I *MADE* a beach robe!

Dana from MADE has inspired me again to sew... this time a very cute and extremely practical beach robe! This will make leaving the beach much easier. Instead of wrapping my toddler in a big towel that just falls off, I'll give her her very chic polka-dot beach robe to ride home in! I downloaded Dana's super tutorial and pattern for $8 and then hit Target for a cute beach towel...they were on sale for $4! Then I came home and grabbed all my double-fold bias tape wouldn't believe this; they matched the towel! I totally lucked out. I just love it when everything comes together! So, here's what I started with:

And here's the finished product! How awesome, right! It took me about three hours, but I was doing other things throughout the the afternoon, so I could make these quicker.

I love the little belt that wraps around the middle, the folded-up sleeves, the hood- everything! And it was so easy. I am proud to say that this is the first time I made sleeves and attached them the correct way the first time! Woohoo, progress!

I also loved using five different colors of bias tape for the trim. So cute! Alright, Kate, thanks for being my model again, you are precious!

I will definitely be using this pattern again and again.


  1. oh it's so cute! love the dots and rainbow bias tape.
    Thanks for adding to the flickr group
    - dana

  2. Thank you, Dana! It means a lot coming from you!
    I totally have celebrity butterflies, y'all, Dana from MADE just said she liked what I sewed! Heehee!
    (And thank you so much for your comments, too, Kimberly and Lisa!)


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