Friday, January 28, 2011

Learning Gratitude Together

" thanks to God our Father for everything..."

{joining with the boys this morning to praise God}

1. Lego Star Wars
2. food
3. clean water
4. the Wii
5. our family
6. air
7. getting my lightsabre back after it was stolen
8. silly brothers
9. cute Kate
10. hugging Mom
11. wrestling with Dad
12. sleeping in the dark
13. the cabin we rented in Tennessee, "The Apple Basket"
14. going to Disneyworld
15. dinosaurs
16. sharks
17. going to the Georgia Southern Museum with Mr. Kent
18. exploring the woods
19. camping
20. drawing


1. geting to go to Disneyworld
2. that Mom takes the time to throw birthday parties for us
3. the bigscreen TV
4. that I have brothers and a sister to play with
5. camping
6. that I get to play basketball at the Y
7. that Dad said I did better in the last game
8. my clothes
9. our bunkbeds
10. that we're homeschooled because I'd go crazy in regular school


1. getting to go to Disneyworld
2. the family
3. that Kate is cute
4. the Bible
5. fresh water

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