Monday, October 11, 2010

Love List

469. my nap on the porch swing because the weather was just perfect last Sunday.
470. for sun rays
471. for surprising pumpkin colors...
472. for a pumpkin for each member of our family

473. for sandy football games with friends
474. for running barefoot

475. for her new toddler bed set with cute little owls
476. how she helped put it together
477. how she jumped up and down and didn't stop smiling when it was ready
478. that she actually slept in it that night
479. for her own room, for my first time decorating for a girl

480. for Jacob's blue eyes, so kind

481. that they get to grow up near the beach
482. for the way the surf feels when it washes over my feet

483. that we live near this:

484. for her cute hand-me-down clothes

485. that Jacob loves math

486. for my new camera!
487. for Noah's big, fun trip to Birmingham
488. for Ben's surprise party there

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  1. what a beautiful list! I love naps in the outdoors! :)


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