Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I gather beauty...

447. the dazzling sky every evening, just like snowflakes, fingerprints, that never two are the same.

448. that Kate loves books already

449. for America

450. for electricity

451. for read-alouds

452. for Grandpas

453. for Grandmas

454. for long lives, and

455. for short lives, that make us appreciate each day we're given

456. for little ones we never met but hold in our hearts forever, a prize waiting for us at the finish line

457. for a community, a gathering, of believers, of followers, of encouragers, my life-blood.

458. that God is nearest when I am broken. That's when I need Him most!

459. for being 30. I am grateful.

460. for dancing

461. for memories not forgotten

462. for hearing, and

463. for sight. Have I ever thanked Him for that?

464. for a God that loves mercy!

465. for the changing of the seasons.

466. for fall and the return of the word "cozy"

467. that man-child likes to dress sharp for school

468. for this post, that inspires me to be a beauty-hunter again.

holy experience


  1. Number 456 is special to me. I have one of those....

  2. 466....love it! Wonderful list. I love reading through others lists who are on this little journey - it brings joy to me. Thank you for yours.

  3. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, it changes your lfe when you determine to hunt down the little love notes He gives every moment!

  4. Yes, 455 & 456. And eyesight, too. I find myself praying most often for sight - not physical - but spiritual. I can see more and more just how bad my vision is.



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