Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

429. A new job for Ben, just in time

430. That he loves what he gets to do now

431. For His perfect provision throughout the 17 month unemployment period

432. For my Faithful Father in heaven, and my faithful husband on earth

433. For Baker's smart, wacky sense of humor that actually has me laughing out loud sometimes!

434. For Noah's need for cuddling and one-on-one attention

435. For Jacob's focus and desire to do things the right way

436. For Kate's little mama spirit

437. That she wouldn't let me say no to painting her toenails...she just sat there, holding her foot in the air until I gave in

438. For the music of David Nevue, which always calms me and turns my thoughts toward Him

439. For new theatre friends
440. for quiet times and nap times

441. For the scent of honeysuckle

442. For honesty, and learning to want the truth, even when it hurts, because it's so much better than pretending

443. For Phillip Yancy's books, especially "What's So Amazing About Grace?" and

444. "Reaching for the Invisible God" and

445. "The Jesus I Never Knew"

446. For the joy that comes from creating something beautiful and useful

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