Friday, March 19, 2010

What's at the end of your rainbow?

The forecast for St.Patty's Day was gloomy so my friends and I decided to watch the 186th Savannah parade on tv and let the kids have an indoor picnic. But then Y came over with her baby S dressed up in a pot of gold outfit (how cute!) and the creativity started flowing. I knew I had to get pictures of this for you. Where do you find a pot o' gold? At the end of a rainbow, of course! So I got out the paints and white butcher paper and went to work crafting the perfect photo shoot for the little pot. I think it turned out beautiful!

Yeah, I thought you'd like that. Kate didn't want to be left out; here she is:

And poor little fussy-pot D, getting in his molars and not too happy about it:

I think it kind of looks like he got to the end of the rainbow and the gold was already gone.
Well, hope you enjoyed your green day! We did!
Now it's off to buy some seedlings and some annuals. Spring will not escape this year without me growing something, dagnabbit.

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