Saturday, March 20, 2010

Counting the Ways He Loves Me

406. that the first day of spring was such a beautiful, perfect, sunny day
407. that my kids love to go to the store "just you and me"
408. purple snapdragons
409. yellow marigolds
410. white petunias
411. ivy running up my porch
412. bicycles
413. that Ben loves me so faithfully
414. that he looks at me like that
415. the way Noah cuddles with Cotton every night as they go to sleep
416. funny, faithful friends D and S
417. the promise and hope of a seed planted in new soil
418. that Baker loves basketball, brackets, and watching March Madness with Ben
419. neighbors that give us bread and fruit
420. neighbors that let our kids play at their house so I can do yard work
421. neighbors that bring over fried mushrooms for a taste test
422. neighbors that smile and wave
423. neighbors that bring us their excess peppers from the garden and make special Halloween treat bags for each of my kids
424. they way Kate isn't afraid of anything
425. her cute little overbite
426. my mom learned how to text so we can have another way to stay in touch
427. the chance to sing with the Philharmonic
428. a free taste of Leopold's Guinness ice cream for ST. Patty's Day

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