Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been busy...

First of all, I made this cute skirt for Kate's Valentine's Day outfit. Then I cut out and appliqued a matching heart to a plain white t-shirt. I just happened to have a brown with pink polka dots ribbon for some trim, and it perfectly matched her little shoes! I am so pleased with how this turned out! This skirt is actually the 2nd "Market Skirt" that I have made for Kate using the tutorial found on MADE. There's a link to this website on the left sidebar...go check it out; Dana is amazing and I've learned so much from her! Like how to turn a men's dress shirt into this:
I call this her Seaside Dress; it's so amazingly sweet. However, in an attempt to make it fit Kate and not a 3 year old, I made it a wee bit too snug. By the time summer rolls around Kate won't let me put this on her again. So sad; but, I have a little friend who's the perfect size for this dress to give it to!

And then I picked up some sweet striped fabric on the clearance shelf at Jo-Ann's and decided to try making Kate a summer tank...

Not my favorite thing, but it's not bad. It will be cute in the summer with some white shorts and sandals! Next I picked up two $1.25 t-shirts at Target and...
Under one of them I attached a Market Skirt to make a fun playtime dress, plus sewn-on buttons to match on the pocket. I call this the ice-cream dress, and it's for a 2-3 year old. (Thanks to Olivia for modeling it for me!)
And my absolute favorite idea this month? Kate's new logo: K8. Awesome, right? I wish I had a logo too! I plan on putting this on all her tags in her clothes. And just try and stop me from making one of these shirts for her in every color!!


  1. Cute stuff mama :) You have an eye for cute projects!

  2. I'm quite thrilled that my Eliza is going to get the Seaside dress! Hooray for mistakes! :-) It is just adorable.


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