Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year, A New Tradition?

Today Ben jumped into the Atlantic Ocean in near-freezing temperatures to start off 2010. Exhilarating! There were hundreds of crazy people out there besides just my husband. Some had costumes, others were in bathing suits...

It was really fun, I only wish it hadn't rained. It made it kind of miserable for the spectators. Ben says he wants to do it again next year, and he's gathering a team of friends to join him. I think I'll just continue to support him with a warm towel back on the sand. It was cold enough there for me!

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  1. My brothers Isaac and Ezra did that at Folly Beach, SC two weeks before Ezra died. Isaac is starting a new tradition in Spokane, WA for he and a bunch of friends to do that on the anniversary of Ezra's death (Jan 16th). I wish I could be there! I would do it! Maybe I can convince Frank to let me do it next New Years :)


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