Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sensing My World

Familiar Sounds:

coffee pot brewing, beeping

PBS Kids shows

Noah- "I'm ready for breakfast."

Cell phone rings

Kate "honking" at my breast, nursing, sighing

Mother tones- high pitched for encouragement, low for enforcement

Glenn Beck and Dave Ramsay on the radio

Noah humming

Jacob running through the house

Baker practising piano- Take Me out to the Ball Game, Forest Drums

Kate's shriek

Dishes clanging

Bath water running

Dryer buzzing

My boys: "I love you, very, VERY much." "You're my favorite girl in the world."

"After you use the computer can I use the computer?

Shouts from the backyard as kids play

The Star Wars theme song (hummed constantly)



Ben sweaty

Kate's poop (not bad)

Lavender baby wash


peanut butter

Baker's feet (ugh!)

Jacob's bad breath... but I like it

butter sizzling

flip-flops slapping

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