Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

This Easter our family went out to Tybee Island to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Did you know that in order to watch the sunrise you have to wake up before the sunrise? No?
It was windy, but not too cold as we watched. Several other people were there on the beach. I guess lots of people like doing this on Easter. It was my first time and I learned a few things.
I learned that my boys wake up easily and happily. They were so compliant as I got them dressed. No dragging them out of beds complaining.
I learned that it feels like daytime way before the sun is actually above the horizon. It's a bit anticlimactic.
I learned that being around my rowdy family is a lot of fun, but that I'm not going to get a quiet hour of calm meditation on the beach any time soon.

I learned that if I wake up at 5am to nurse a baby, make cinnamon rolls and coffee, wake and dress three boys, and pack blankets and a Bible, all to help my husband have one of his childhood tradtions make a comeback, he appreciates it very much.

As I watched Noah draw a stick figure of God in the sand, I learned that God has a smile on His face, a heart over His head, and power shooting out of His left hand.

Some things are worth getting up early for.

Later that day we went to church and sang happy songs and took up $8000 for our orphanage in Mozambique. That's over twice what our church has in the bank!

Oh yeah, and this:

Happy Easter everyone!

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