Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Reasons for Gratitude

"None is more impoverished

than the one who has no gratitude.

Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves,

and spend without fear of bankruptcy."

Fred De Witt Van Amburgh
73. our charming home
74. being able to pay all the bills each month
75. the way Jacob's face lit up when I came back for more "kissins" at naptime
76. all of my children are free of mental illnesses like Autism
77. finding a great babysitter who loves my children
78. the rich thunderstorm I napped through last Sunday afternoon
79. a long drink of ice water on a hot, hot day
80. my brother Nathan's generosity
81. and his smile
82. and for those moments when I can tell he's let go and is just having fun, like in the pirate ship floaties this past June
83. and in our lazy river race
84. the extra energy I felt yesterday and today, allowing me to accomplish more than usual
85. the hope, unshakable, of meeting Jesus one day
86. all the friends with kids that I can call for a playdate whenever we want one
87. good history books
88. Baker's love of maps
89. Noah's enthusiasm for everything
90. Jacob's freckles on his button nose
91. Grandpa's silliness
92. surprise packages from my mom
93. the way dolphins and beluga whales look like they are smiling... wasn''t that nice of God?
94. how two of my boys still fit on my lap for a cuddle
95. when I told Noah about a friend's dad dying (in Iraq), he got excited and said, "So he's in HEAVEN?!!"
96. --196. for Ben- check out my "100 things I love about Ben" post
197. for vanilla ice cream
198. for Forsythe Park here in Savannah- the trees,
199. the feilds, the playground,
200. and all the events the city plans for us, for free.
more to come...
Are you thankful today?

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