Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Noah Prayer- A Grateful Heart

We had a wonderful God-filled day yesterday. We began with our Bible story about Noah's Ark, and Baker was so into it that he made me read them 5 chapters instead of one! Then at lunch Noah made us pray before we ate and I noticed that I almost never have to remind them to pray before eating anymore. They usually make sure it happens on their own. At bedtime, Noah asked me if angels were bigger than God and that sparked this incredible talk about how big God is, how special we are to Him, and how He's with us everywhere because of the Holy Spirit. I wish you all could have seen the amazement on this child's face as I told him about the Lord. I said goodnight and left, but lingered outside the door, feeling so blessed to be able to raise children that know God's love for them. Then, Noah began:

"Dear God, Thank you for my family. Thank you for my mom. She's the bestest-- she tells me all about You! And I really, really love You."

He didn't stop there... he counted his blessings for another couple of minutes. But those first few words of thanks to God for me will stick with me forever. I'll probably be clinging to them during the tough times ahead in this journey called parenting. I'm so thankful to God for my children They really are blessings!

And, by the way, that grateful heart Noah showed in his prayer last night has stuck with him all day. He has told me thank you so many times today I lost count. How wonderful to be thanked for every little small thing I do for an entire day!

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