Monday, September 18, 2006

One Mere Moment of Bliss

At the beach this past Saturday, something amazing and rare happened to me.

I got up from the beach chair with the intention of just getting in the ocean for a few minutes. I walked down to the water's edge, and suddenly everything in my life just disappeared and it was just me and the waves, and they looked like so much fun! I literally frolicked over the first two and then dove head first into a big one, which flipped me over in an incredibly fun way. When I came up for breath I was actually laughing from sheer enjoyment. And then my reality came flooding back in and I thought, wow, what just happened? Was I really just giggling like a little girl? I wasn't thinking about my kids, or other people there, or how I look in my swim suit, or what I have to do when I get home. It lasted about 4 seconds, but I was like a carefree child for a mere moment. And it was bliss.

I can't remember that ever happening to me before. I really want it to happen again.

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  1. Tricia,
    This made me remember the times when I have just been His - no past to agonize over, no future to fret about - just to "be" His.


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