Friday, June 09, 2006

Baker's Kindergarten Graduation

Baker's Kindergarten graduation was last night. He was really excited about it because I had been talking it up a lot this past week. So we get there and there are seven graduates. There were little white caps and gowns (can I hear a big, "Aaaaawwww") and diplomas for each child. After a practise run, the kids all walked down the aisle to "Pomp and Circumstance," then took their seats in the front row. The president of FEFC, our homeschool support group, talked to the children about how the Bible is God's instruction manual for their lives, and since God made them He knew how they should work. I saw Baker turn around and nod to me, as if he were saying he agreed with the speaker. Then she shared a couple of short verses with the parents. Next she called each child's name and they stood in front of the stage where their parents met them and handed them their diplomas. They walked out in line to the tune of "Jesus loves me." I am so glad we did this for Baker. Some people may think that Kindergarten graduations are silly, or just sentimental photo-ops for the parents, but I felt like Baker finally got last night that he was involved in something big and important, namely, schooling and education. It was also a graduation of sorts for me, the mom. I realized that Baker's babyhood was really over. He's on his way to higher learning.

So yesterday before all of this, I asked Baker to "write a story about how you feel about school." This is what he said, in his exact words. It sounds a little too good to be true, but I promise I did not tell him what to say. I may have been frustrated or anxious about school many times over the past year, but it's pretty obvious that Baker has a positive opinion about it, which is the main thing I wanted to accomplish. I'm so proud.

Baker: "I feel great about school. My school is very great. It helps me to learn and read. It tells me all about God and everything I need. It helps me with my heart. I love God so much with school. It's all good, and I love it. School is the best in the world at home. I get to stay with my mother and she is my mom. My favorite subject is Math. Math is the best. I love it. I know my numbers. When it changed into Science, I loved Science the best. I love Mom, I love Math, and I love learning in my school."

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