Friday, July 09, 2010

Pioneer Woman Cooks Review #3: Olive Cheese Bread

Okay. This is not for everyone, namely those who can't stand olives. I have three friends that I know of who absolutely will NOT eat an olive! Can you believe it?
I LOVE olives, however, so here we go... You mix up black and green olives, half a cup mayo, a pound of monterey jack, two green onions, and, get this, a whole stick of softened butter. This cheese spread was delicious just like this.
I tried it on a pretzel. Yum!

Then you spread it on thick onto a french bread loaf cut in half.
Bake for 25 minutes at 350...

Oh, yes. Yes! Soooo good! You must try this today!

Here are the ratings:
4 for easy
5 for consistency with the cookbook
4 for time
5 for taste
Overall: 4.5! Yummy!

Here's your bonus Kate pic for the day:
Yesterday was the first time she wore her hair in pigtails! Cute!


  1. Trish, I saw your post on fb & I love cooking so I wanted to read what you had & I love your reviews! Also the recipes look delicious :) I can't wait to make some of this stuff ^.^ & Kate is absolutely adorable!

  2. Thanks, Manda! Pioneer Woman Cooks has given me the confidence to cook different foods for my family, because she posts like 200 photos of the entire process! You should check out the website, and also her recipe sharing site, Tasty Kitchen! Hope you're doing well, and thanks for stopping by!


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