Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our Tenth Anniversary

Ben and I had such a good time together playing the tourist in our city. Savannah has got to be one of the world's best cities and I'm so happy here! We went to a B&B on Jones Street called The Eliza Thompson House for the night.
The evening began with wine and hors d'oveurs in the Victorian parlor room. We met the bellman, Kevin, who was so friendly and welcoming. We discovered that we knew a few of the same people.
Then our horse-drawn carriage picked us up and we rode around the historic district, stopping by a gazebo to exchange cards and a kiss. The horse's name was Bennet. The carriage ride ended in front of our restaurant, The Melting Pot. We had fondue. Mmmm. Fondue! Then we stopped by a pub called Circa, saw a couple of friends of Ben's, and then walked ten or so blocks back to our B&B. The walk through downtown was so nice and beautiful!
We had dessert and coffee in our room and then decided to check out the Robert Redford Civil War film being shot one block over. We saw several extras all dressed up in 1800's garb and the set! It was like going back in time. Have I mentioned I love Savannah? It has such an interesting history. Well, in the morning we enjoyed the best hotel breakfast I've ever seen...egg casserole, grits, french toast, sausage, potatoes, and so much more.
We checked out and walked around some more, stopping by E. Shavers, a sweet little tucked away bookstore. We spent some time in there, wandering through the rooms filled with books, noticing some great titles that we want to buy someday. The one title that jumped out at me was Being Dead is No Excuse: A Southern Woman's Guide to Hosting a Funeral. Hahaha! The problem with bookstores is that I want to buy so many books! In fact, I wouldn't mind at all if my house looked like this:

Of course, I could never find the time to read so many. Maybe one day...
Next we ate lunch at Firefly Cafe, outside, and I had a Rueben. Then it was time to go home to my mom and four children.
I had the most wonderful time with my husband on our tenth anniversary. The romance will (have to) last me for another ten years! I'm so thankful for Ben. He's just right.

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