Monday, August 17, 2009

How about THIS summer school?

I saw this box of 36 Famous Landmarks flashcards on the dollar aisle at Target over the summer and I thought it would make a fun map activity one day. You know, find the location of the landmark on the globe. Ho-hum.
Instead, the boys found the cards and had their own ideas of how to use them. First, they quizzed Ben and me to see how many we could name just by looking at the picture! Ben only missed 8. I think I may have gotten that many right!
Then, Ben and the boys spent, like, three hours finding them on Google Earth and
seeing how many miles away they are. Then they put them in order, closest to farthest away. Super-cool! Have you seen what Google Earth can do? Some of the landmarks actually had 3D pictures to zoom around.

The Washington Monument and The Gateway Arch

But that's not all! Then they took the cards to the hall, gathered up all of their lego blocks and proceeded to build several famous landmarks!

El Castillo and Christ the Redeemer

Stonehenge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Dome of the Rock,
and way in the back is the Floating Shinto Shrine Gate

They spent all day being completely immersed in this activity, and they will be more prone to remember them long-term since it was so much fun. How much learning can YOU get out of a dollar?

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