Monday, July 20, 2009

In Which I Resume My Gifts List

It's been so long I hardly know where to start... I'll begin with yesterday morning and go backward...

372. warm summer Sunday morning sun, porch swing, breeze, coffee, quiet, baby girl and boy.

373. Neighbors that wave and say "Good morning!"

374. new hand-me-down couch and loveseat that brighten up the living room and are sooo comfy!

375. Generous, fun, godly friends Gaby and Tracy F.

376. Tybee beach Sunday nights 6:30 to sunset.

377. Pink skies.

378.Pink footie pajamas

379. A baby girl

380. her bright blue eyes.

381. her gummy smile

382. she nurses well

383. she sleeps well.

384. her chubby thighs

385. how she loves water so much

386. how she loves her brothers so much

387. how my sons treat her- smile, protect, play, feed, help, cuddle.

388. my short, easy natural delivery.

389. The Midwife group and Birth Center

390. watching Ben hold her, play with her, call her "baby"

391. so much time just to be together with my sweet family.

392. that Ben got laid off after Kate was born.

393. that somehow all our bills get paid, plenty of food is purchased, and we don't worry, all without having a "real job"

394. having a great auto mechanic as a friend.

395. God's faithfulness

396. Baker becoming a Christian.

397. our church that doesn't make being a Christian "weird"

398. my supportive husband.

399. the energy and motivation to exercise. the way my body feels when I do.

400. homeschool friends who loan me curriculum.

401. cameras to capture memories: silly boys, fussy girl, right before bed.

402. How handsome they all are!

403. how innumerable the times I smile each day because of them.

404. forehead kisses from Jacob that make my heart melt.

405. having such great girl friends from church to play with.

to be continued...

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