Sunday, May 17, 2009

First time in THE swing

It was Kate's first trip to the farm. But for some reason we had forgotten to let her ride in the swing. I realized this only after we had said our goodbyes, packed up the van, and were driving away.

"Oh! Stop the car!" I told Ben. I grabbed Kate out of her seat and wriggled through the fence to the swing. At first I sat in the swing with her in my lap. Her face lit up and she jerked her arms and legs as if to say, "Higher!"

Then we decided to let her try it by herself, the five month old that she is. We buckled her up, pulled the swing back, and said, "Wheeeeeeee!" She absolutely glowed. She was really quiet, but reeeeally happy. She was precious.

Just look at that come-over blowin' in the wind.

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