Sunday, November 30, 2008

Facebook Status Updates

This was the longest two weeks of my life! Read how I was feeling each day:

11/15 Trish is still pregnant.

11/17 Trish is still pregnant! Any day now...

11/18 Trish made it to her due date! Ok, now what?

11/19 Trish is, you guessed it! Still pregnant.

11/20 Trish is trying to think of things to do to keep my mind off going into labor, besides stare at the computer.

11/21 Trish is awake at 3am.

Trish is 40 weeks and counting. What. The. Heck.

11/22 Trish is still extremely pregnant. The baby loves it in there.

11/23 Trish is done with Sunday and baby isn't here yet.

11/24 Trish is deciding to wait patiently. All is in God's hands.

11/25 Trish is thinking that today's the day!

Trish is nevermind.

11/26 Trish has family coming today to stare at me and wait for me to go into labor. No pressure!

11/27 Trish 's baby likes to be fashionably late.

11/28 Trish is a watched pot that will never boil.

11/29 Trish likes her steaks AND her babies well-done.

11/30 Trish thought her due date was wrong; I'd be early. Hahahaha. hohohoho. Ha. Ho.

11/30 Trish is in LABOR!!!

12/1 Trish is at home snuggling with her baby girl, Kate.

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