Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just Grateful

358. It's two pm and I've had a very successful first half of the day!

359. God has given me the grace to keep up with the laundry for two weeks now, and

360. He's also been with me while I keep the sink empty of dirty dishes.

361. This morning, I woke up with enough energy to get some housework done first thing, then begin school with the boys, who were

362. ready to learn with open ears and eager attitudes.

363. Not to mention my good attitude about the lessons.

364. We're all really enjoying this unit study on Attentiveness, where we are studying how the ear works, Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Keller, the orchestra, and several famous composers and their most popular works.

365. When we break up for one-on-one tutoring in Math and Language, the boys are really starting to understand and respect that time I have with each of them. The boys on break go play and come ready to do their work when I call them. Can we say a rhythm is forming? Hooray!

366. Baby stuff, old: it's so sweet remembering when each of the boys was little enough to wear these well-used onesies and outfits.

367. Baby stuff, new: crisp, bright, and stain-free!

368. The best baby swing ever bought for me by Janna at a yard sale... I don't know how she finds such great deals!

369. Ben's soccer games. Watching him play hard is good for our whole family.

370. hot cocoa and a charming English novel during quiet time.

371. All of the boys are in different rooms either reading quietly or sleeping.

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