Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Blessings

288. a surprise Christmas tree waiting for us on the porch, gift from Ben- the biggest tree I've ever had!

289. hot cocoa with marshmallows and Christmas carols- great combination!

290. the beauty of Josh Groban's voice singing Ave Maria

291. the smell of a fur tree in our home; memories brought back of childhood

292. getting down the Christmas box from the attic, unwrapping each decoration

293. the boys taking turns hanging their special ornaments

294. the awe we all feel when the lights light up the tree for the first time

295. the important feeling one of the children gets each year when they are chosen to put the star on top

296. the cold, crisp air as we walked downtown looking at all the store windows lit up for the holidays

297. the feeling of excitement and happiness as we peered down a cobblestone street lined with Christmas lights and shoppers carrying bags, walking arm in arm.

298. holding a peppermint white mocha while wrapped in my new scarf and standing on the corner of Bull and Broughton. Do I really get to live here?

299. picking out our wrapping paper for this year's gifts

300. teaching the children every day a new story that leads to the coming of the Messiah. Creating an Advent tree.

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