Monday, December 18, 2006

Is Nothing Sacred?

Guess what's happening in Ukraine? Women are being paid to have abortions so that the fetuses can be used to harvest stem cells. Guess what else? Sometimes the babies have already been born full term and then they are killed for stem cells. The women get $200. I really-really-really can't think of the best thing to say here. I'm just shocked, but maybe I shouldn't be. This kind of atrocity has taken place throughout the existence of humanity, right? Babies being thrown into the river, onto an altar, into the fire as a sacrifice to some stupid god? If God's presence is really in each one of us, how can we do these evil things? And how long will this go on? And how can we make a difference? And if we could see all the darkness and depravity in the world we would probably just give up because what's the point? Hell, look no further than my own heart and you'll see enough to make ya sick. So, how long are we as a human race going to be able to gloss over the bad and pretend that most of it doesn't exist so that we can live with a modicum of comfort? I mean really. I'm just going to forget about those murdered babies by tomorrow morning and go about pouring cereal for my kids' breakfast! How can we say we are truly living a life on Earth when we won't see what's going on around us? But then again, how can we go on living if we do open our eyes to all that is wrong with this planet? How? What really matters anyway?

I'm so sick of hate, and ignorance, and self-righteousness, and greed. I'm so sick of "religion." I'm so sick of people trying to be religious. I'm so sick of supermarket-Jesus.

What the world needs is The Real Thing. Yet we seem incapable of getting It, or showing It. Or even knowing what It is.

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