Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Enough Already!

Okay. I've had it with my friends moving away!

First it was Pam. We hadn't gotten incredibly close yet, but I loved hanging out with her and she shared a lot of the same beliefs about raising up children, which was refreshing. Plus, she was just so inspiring- she always made me want to be real with God and my husband, and showed me that a quiet spirit and tongue is a worthy goal.

Then Anna left me. She was my closest friend here in Savannah, and I just can't say much more than that we were kindred spirits. She lived 2 minutes away and was at my house an average of 3-4 times a week. We laughed together so much! She always re-energized my spirit. We sang together, exercised together, prayed together, borrowed from each other... I am very sad she's gone. Life in Savannah will never be the same.

Now Becky's gone. She was one of the very first people here that I got to know. She is just so easy to be honest and real with. We scrapbooked together often. And she has these three amazing teenaged daughters that really loved the Lord, each other, and babysitting my kids! This family is impossible to replace.

When I came to Savannah, I asked God for friends of the heart. I didn't want surface-level church friends any more. Boy, did He deliver! In the first week of going to church I had met Pam, Anna, and Becky-- along with several other fabulous, real Christian women. I was amazed at how God answered my prayers! But now, a year later, dealing with saying goodbye again and again is getting to me. God has me firmly in His plan, so I'll trust Him. He is good, all the time. But I sure do hope that no one else moves away anytime soon!

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